Your creative treasures should not be

the world's best kept secret! 

You know you're more creative than you are being.

And you're seeking ways to unlock the creative treasures you've hidden within

Join Lisa Murray in Cairns, Australia for three days of creative alchemy.


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There will be only 21 participants on this messy, creative adventure!  







"The things that have been opening up in my world are jaw dropping....... My body has changed, there is a strength to me now I never knew I had... And I have uncovered a gift I've been in denial of for at least 10 years. Lisa is willing to be an energy that questions & changes everything... So grateful & excited for the future I'm now creating." Kerri Hoffman, Australia - after the first 'Creating Brilliant Businesses' Telecall Series.


"I have taken telecalls, monthly programs and had individual sessions with Lisa Murray! I adore her and her willingness to choose more! She is so willing to give her all. I have had SO MUCH more sense of possibility since our session. It is like those limitations that were so real are no longer alive or valid. I can find possibility in pretty much everything now! Thanks Lisa for being YOU! xo" Laurie Laursen, Canada - after a private coaching session.


"You're an amazing facilitator Lisa. I have only listened to Series 1 of Creating Brilliant Businesses and it's been a little uncomfortable and exciting all at the same time. The energy of you and what you share has truly inspired me to be and have more. Everyone's questions have been a huge contribution to me. My body is making changes and demanding I listen. Haha! More fun, more creative energy, more me!" Tracey Thompsen, Australia - after the first 'Creating Brilliant Businesses' Telecall Series.